Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good news

Good news--my mystery quilt, Danica's Pink Butterfly Quilt, was chosen to be photographed by American Quilter magazine! Hurray! Only three of the mystery quilts will appear in the magazine, but this means that at least a photo of my quilt will be on their website. I'll send my quilt to Paducah in the next week. I posted several in-progress photos previously, but I won't post a finished photo here because I want you to see it in the magazine.

I learned a lot about photographing quilts from this experience. It's hard to get the colors correct, and photographs can really highlight all the flaws in your quilt. I put so much machine quilting into this one that I had a hard time getting the edges even. Eventually, I ripped off the binding and even ripped out quilting and remade a section. I also suffered from a broken sewing machine and the effects of being in a hurry. Since my daughter was in the hospital with a bowel obstruction right after Christmas--and is back in now with an infection--I had to fit the quilting of this piece in between trips to the hospital and taking care of my granddaughter. Not a good combination. I ripped out more of this quilt than anything I have ever made.

Well, it's over now, unless I decide in the next day or two to rip the binding off one side--again--to TRY to fix a little ripple. I'm off to "The Big House," as Genevieve calls it--Barnes Hospital in St. Louis--to see if they will release her today. She's been in for a full week this time. Poor thing--nothing like spending almost a month in the hospital. But she's pumped full of antibiotics and is better, so I just might stop in at The Quilted Fox store to show them a finished quilt with some of their fabric in it.


  1. Hooray! Let us know when the photo appears in the magazine or on the website.

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