Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yes! I finally finished the first quilt—based on the triangle shape—Genevieve’s Recovery Quilt. Making a label (below) and sewing it on marks the last step. I drew sunflowers, Genevieve's favorite flower, but they look more like daffodils. Oh well--flowers are pretty and the quilt is done. Hurray! She will actually get to keep the quilt after I show it at my quilt guild meeting next week, so I gave it an August 2010 date. I will also rinse the quilt in the washing machine, since I used quilt basting spray to help hold the layers together during quilting.

Three views of the finished quilt, below. On the porch ... on the floor ... and a close-up.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chemotherapy ends

Once again I have been caring for my daughter Genevieve and granddaughter, Danica. I am very happy to tell you that I took Vieve to her LAST chemotherapy treatment at Siteman Cancer Center (Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis) ten days ago. Below, Genevieve rings the bell, a tradition which lets everyone know that she finished.

This event was more emotional for both of us than we anticipated. The volunteers, nurses and patients applauded, and Vieve got a “Survivor” T-shirt. Naturally, they hope never to see her again. We got a grip on ourselves and then we went shopping—what else? I bought Danica a new deluxe stroller at REI so I can take her on walks with me, and we went to Whole Foods for wine and cheese. I had to skip my favorite quilt shop—The Quilted Fox (on Clayton Road)—because rush hour was fast approaching.

Genevieve’s recovery now begins. The first week after a chemo treatment is always up-and-down as she copes with the effect of the chemo drugs and the massive dose of steroids they give her. This past week was no different. Sometimes she is awake and interacting with us all day; other times she is in bed. I have been cooking and baking a lot (we celebrated my youngest daughter Libby’s birthday AND my husband’s birthday this week). And therefore cleaning up the kitchen a lot, to the tune of two dishwasher loads a day.

And, yes, I am almost finished with Vieve’s Recovery Quilt. I free-motion quilted the edges (below). Sewing on the binding took several days (I hand-sewed the binding to the back of the quilt), but I finally got it done. Too many interruptions and too many dishes--I've got to quit this cooking-from-scratch thing! I will make a label tonight and it will be finished at last. Tomorrow: the finished quilt.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Visiting my quilts

I had a terrific time helping put on a Colorado ranch wedding for my sister's stepdaughter. Now it's back to sewing and blogging. I "visited" three of my small wall quilts owned by my sister in Colorado. It's terrific to see your work displayed and enjoyed in someone else's home.
This is a very southwestern take on "Exquisite." See Gwen Marston's original book on "Liberated Quiltmaking." Do you see the 7 red butterflies? (Machine pieced and hand quilted.)

A log cabin quilt in the straight furrow set--with applique. (Machine pieced and hand quilted and appliqued.)

Square-in-a-square. Hand-dyed fabrics (but not by me). This quilt looks very good against a log cabin wall.(Machine pieced and quilted.)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Porch days

Quilting on my sister's porch is great relaxation after a hike up the mountainside at 6,000+ feet! Below, the view toward Pike's Peak.