Monday, July 19, 2010

Visiting my quilts

I had a terrific time helping put on a Colorado ranch wedding for my sister's stepdaughter. Now it's back to sewing and blogging. I "visited" three of my small wall quilts owned by my sister in Colorado. It's terrific to see your work displayed and enjoyed in someone else's home.
This is a very southwestern take on "Exquisite." See Gwen Marston's original book on "Liberated Quiltmaking." Do you see the 7 red butterflies? (Machine pieced and hand quilted.)

A log cabin quilt in the straight furrow set--with applique. (Machine pieced and hand quilted and appliqued.)

Square-in-a-square. Hand-dyed fabrics (but not by me). This quilt looks very good against a log cabin wall.(Machine pieced and quilted.)

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