Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding quilt

I finished a Wedding Quilt and gave it to my niece Allie the day before her wedding last Saturday. This quilt top lacked a border and has been sitting in a box for …. uh, well, a long time. I don’t remember why I stopped working on it. Truthfully, it’s nice to have a stash of almost-finished projects I can pull out and finish in a hurry. Sometimes I look through my UFOs and they just look OLD because the fabric is from a previous era in my life, and my tastes have changed. But this classic floral fabric never goes completely out of style, so I went for it, hoping Allie would like it, too.

Fortunately, I stored the extra fabric in the box with the quilt top, and had enough to add a matching border. I quilted it in a hurry in two days in an all-over pattern of leaves and meandering “vines”. I used “Dream Angel” batting—the thin fire-retardant batting suitable for children’s quilts. It’s a small twin size, 63 X 80 inches, about the limit I can handle on my home sewing machine without quilting it in sections.

This quilt looks more complicated than it is. It’s just squares--a simple 9-patch with the setting squares split diagonally. The on-point setting gives it a vertical, sort of stripe look. It turned out very pretty and feminine. Allie, now in grad school, was a tough-as-nails softball player (a catcher and DH for Southern Illinois University) who also loves shoes, purses, and pink. And she loved the quilt.

Here I am at the wedding, wearing black and white. My sister Joan, on the right, carried her vintage “royal wedding hat” with her on the airplane from Colorado, so I had to wear one, too. (Dillard’s to the rescue.) Allie’s ants were unmistakable—the only women in church with hats!


  1. LOVE the hats. I have a great church lady hat too -- haven't worn it in a long time.

  2. Pretty quilt! And you're right, classic colors! You ladies look gorgeous in your hats!


  3. We had such fun wearing those hats! I think I'm going to have to get a cowgirl hat for the next wedding--outdoors at the ranch. (My family has FOUR weddings this year! Two down, two to go.) But, first, an outfit.
    Joan and I definitely will wear autumn hats at the November wedding. Gotta find one with dramatic feathers!