Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I made the magazine!

Here is my version of the mystery quilt project from American Quilter magazine--Danica's Pink Butterfly Quilt.

I received a phone call today from Chris Brown, editor of American Quilter, who said that this quilt is one of three selected to appear in the May issue of the magazine. Hurray! I won 50 fat quarters from Moda Fabrics, $75 in books from AQS publishing, and a year's extension on my subscription to American Quilter. I forgot about the prizes, I was so focused on just getting into the magazine!

Go to: http://www.americanquilter.com/publications/readers_contests.php?id=1&year=2011 to see the pictures (taken by the quilters) of the 69 quilts finished in time to meet the deadline. These eight were chosen to be sent to Paducah to be photographed:

K. Adamo--Riptide
D. Alexander--Cat and Mouse
Amy Allen--Mystery
C. Felts--Danica's Pink Butterfly Quilt
A. Fuller--Maple Mystery
S. Hicks--A Taste of Minnesota
A. Means--Cameo
B. Schillig--Morning in Marblehead

Two others, besides mine, will appear in the May issue of the magazine. Hurray again! There are some beautiful quilts here, and it is interesting to see how each quilter used color and interpreted the directions.
Check them out.


  1. Honestly, I like your quilt more than the list of 8. Your color selection appeals to me, and your applique is darling! Well done!

  2. I almost got carried away with that applique. I definitely let it stray "Beyond the Block." It just seemed to me that there were some sort of blank-looking spaces when I put all the pieces together, so I added more butterflies and flowers. The colors are hard to see exactly in my photo. The darkest fabric (the star points at the bottom) is actually a very deep maroon & black swirl. I can't wait to see the professional photo in the magazine.