Wednesday, September 15, 2010

4 panels finished

I managed to finish all 4 panels of my Yellow Potpourri quilt, but they aren’t sewn together yet. I need to take the panels back to my sewing studio, measure, and trim to make sure they are straight. This quilt is shown as long and narrow (3 panels) in Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts (69 x 102 inches), but I wanted it to fit on the top of a double bed, so I added a 4th panel, a mirror image of the first. Each panel is 18 inches wide, and I will add 15 inches of border, so my quilt will be 87 inches wide. Here are the panels on top of a double bed.

This quilt was very easy to make, although I struggled with keeping accurate ¼-inch seams because of the sewing machine I used. (That’s why I want to measure the width up and down each panel.) It was a lot of fun to lay out the squares and watch the yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks swirl and blend. I'm thinking of doing this one again, only in mostly orange!

Genevieve paid me a nice compliment when she saw this top. She said she likes my quilts because they “look modern.”

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