Saturday, September 11, 2010


I’ve spent two very enjoyable Saturdays at a sort of “sit-and-sew” at the Stitchery Quilt Shoppe in Dyersburg, Tennessee. Owners Linda and Danny McCulloch have graciously allowed me to join a group of quilters who come in on Saturdays to work on various projects. I’m sorry I won’t be here to take a class at the shop, but I sure have enjoyed the company and inspiration they’ve provided to me while I’ve been away from home. I love to see what other quilters are working on, discuss their projects with them, and get input on mine. I found a new product—the Sewline Fabric Pencil. It is a fine-line mechanical pencil that comes in several colors and is erasable and washable. Made in Japan, a country with some very fine quilters. And what a treat to watch the shop's huge Gammill longarm quilting machine at work. I am going to try to finish my Yellow Potpourri top before I go home so I can leave it there to be quilted.

Speaking of inspiration, here in Dyersburg the schools have a “Fair Day” holiday so everyone can go to the Dyer County Fair, which is just what I did with Danica on Friday. The carnival was so colorful—pink, yellow, and blue—and chaotic. Every school child in the county must have been there.

Danica and I arrived just after the fair opened and stayed for three hours--until it poured rain on us. I had raincoats at the ready. Danica sure loved the rides, and she was a very well-behaved child--even said "gracias" to one of the carnival workers. We had soft hamburgers, cold french fries, and decent lemonade for lunch; rode all the rides she was big enough to get on by herself; went to the petting zoo; and bought $4.00 cotton candy. As carnivals go, it was a nice one. I drove home in a pouring rainstorm, gave Danica a bath, and put her down for a nap. A great time.


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog re: sewing tables. I love your butterflies and flower blocks!

  2. Thanks, Jackie. I can't wait to get back to my sewing studio and my own machine so I can complete Part 2 of the Mystery Quilt.