Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here we go again ...

This week my cancer-survivor, transplanted-liver daughter had to go into “the big house,” as she calls it (the hospital) for IV fluids. Genevieve got some sort of virus and quickly got dehydrated. So I have moved in with her in Tennessee, again, so I can take care of her, get my granddaughter to preschool every day, fix dinner, do the laundry, clean house, etc., etc. I filled my Prius with 7 BIG boxes of glass vases to take to my sister in Southern Illinois—to be used for table decorations for my niece’s wedding. (If I’m on the road, better make it a good trip, right?) I also stuffed in the new walking/jogging stroller I bought to take my granddaughter for a walk, plus a big stack of fabric. I had to shut the back door fast to keep my suitcase from falling out, and I actually could see out the back window over the boxes. BUT I HAD TO LEAVE MY SEWING MACHINE AT HOME!! Horrors.

Well, Genevieve does have a machine. Nothing fancy, but it can sew pieces together. I will try to get her motivated to help make a quilt top for her dear friend who has MS—and possibly feels even worse than Genevieve does. And I have a couple of pieces of fabric that would be darling as a dress for my granddaughter. We'll see what I can do.

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